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Higher Capital Efficiency, Better Derivative Trading

Our Mission

Cryptocurrencies are gradually catching the fancy of investors. However, the high volatility in prices movement is keeping newbies away. To help traders lower the entry barrier and mitigate the risk, our goal is to build the most capital-efficient derivative trading platform by designing performance efficient margin and risk management systems, with highly favorable market-making conditions for third-party users to ensure attractiveness to DeFi Degens, institutions, and structured DOVs.

OptiFi, powered by Solana and Serum, is the first derivatives DEX with a portfolio-based margining approach and partial liquidations engine. Portfolio Margining allows users to net the overall portfolio risk to enhance capital efficiency, and Partial Liquidations ensure fair liquidation and pricing for all users.

Moreover, OptiFi implements the first-ever OptiFi Market Maker (OMM) integrated delta-hedging capabilities, where any user can contribute USDC into the OMM vaults to generate yield and provide continuous liquidity in OptiFi exchange.

Here at OptiFi, we provide both futures and options that can be used to hedge risk exposure or assume risk with the expectation of commensurate reward. In addition, we will develop a timely portfolio-managing tool and user-friendly strategy-building interface to improve capital efficiency while retaining downside protection and yields in turbulent markets, advancing your crypto trading to the next level.

  • For DeFi Users:

    • Earn passive income by becoming liquidity providers via OMM or DeFi Options Vaults (DOVs)

  • For Active Traders:

    • Earn active income by arbitrage, speculation, and implementing trading strategies on a variety of market conditions and movements using options

  • For Crypto Fund & High-Net-Worth

    • Earn stable yields on structured products

    • Hedge to reduce the portfolio risk exposure

    • Diversify portfolio composition with sophisticated derivatives strategies

OptiFi in Depth

Dive a little deeper about OptiFi to get an overall understanding of our main features:

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