Key Innovations

OptiFi - BIG leap forward in DeFi

Cross Margin and Portfolio Margin

  • OptiFi is the first derivatives DEX that utilizes both Cross Margin and Portfolio Margin across all financial instruments with the same underlying

  • Allow users to build complex strategies written on a single underlying without the burden of multiple margin requirements. Have โ€œrisk-sharingโ€ features to โ€œnetโ€ the overall portfolio risk to enhance capital efficiency

Partial Liquidations

  • Liquidations happen gradually by reducing the riskiest positions first ensuring fair liquidation and pricing for all users

  • Leads to a smaller liquidations, lower fees and higher user returns

Derivatives OptiFi Market Maker (OMM)

  • The first-ever Delta-neutral OMM vault created by OptiFi

  • It is designed to generate yield to its depositors (LPs), more importantly, to keep continuous liquidity across all financial instruments traded in OptiFi exchange

  • Systemic risk management and delta-hedging (through Mango) is considered to maintain safe risk limits

Market Maker (MM) Incentive Program

  • MM Program is designed to encourage professional market-making within OptiFi exchange

  • Innovative approach to promote โ€œgoodโ€ market-making practices. MM pool subscribers receive exchange fee revenue share while being subject to penalties for โ€œbadโ€ market-making practices

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