Account Summary

Available Balance
Remaining tradable funds in your account.
Available Balance = Account Equity - Total Maintenance Margin
Account Equity
Account Equity is composed of your USDC Balance and Net Options Value.
USDC Balance
Current opUSDC balance in your account.
It equals to the net USDC amount you deposited. OptiFi USDC (opUSDC) is a Solana SPL stablecoin. It is 1:1 pegged to USD Coin (USDC).
Net Options Value
Sum of net options value in your portfolio.
Total Unrealized PNL
Calculating unrealized P/L with option price. It doesn't mean the real profit and loss of position. AVL.price is the weighted average price of all filled open orders by instruments. For long positions: Unrealized P/L =(Option Price - AVL.price)* Contract Size For short positions: Unrealized P/L =(AVL.price - Option Price)* Contract Size
Total Margin Requirement
opUSDC amount you must reserve to continue holding open orders and positions. If the Account Equity to the Maintenance Margin ratio falls below 90%, positions will undergo forced liquidation.
Liquidation Buffer
Available margin to keep your open orders and positions active.