Shaping OptiFi V1 to V2
Q1 2022
  • Launch European Style Options on Devnet (Beta)
    • Design BTC and ETH underlying
    • Utilize Portfolio Margin
    • Adopt Partial Liquidation
  • Initiate OMM Vault on Devnet
  • Release Frontend SDK
Q2 2022
  • Win the Fourth Place in the Solana Riptide DeFi track
  • Responsive web design for Landing Page
  • Launch European Style Options on Devnet
  • Implement Delta-Hedging OMM Strategy on Devnet
  • Launch European Style Options on Mainnet (Closed Alpha)
  • Initiate OMM Vault on Mainnet (Closed Alpha)
Q3 2022
  • Publish Rust CPI
  • Launch Public Mainnet during Aug 8th and Aug 29th
  • List SOL Options
  • Multisig deployment
  • Restructure main program and Frontend infrastructure
Q4 2022
  • Rebrand AMM to OMM (OptiFi Market Maker) Vaults
  • List Perps Markets
  • Release Referral Program
  • Lite mode for options trading page
  • Notification service
Beyond 2023
  • OptiFi v2
  • Cross-chain
  • DOVs
  • Token
Stay tuned and more to come!