Trade on Mainnet

OptiFi v1 has been sunsetted on Mainnet. Please switch to Devnet.

OptiFi v2 is under active development. If you have any feedback, come to our Discord, and say hi to the team!

Trading Options

You should be able to see the following page:

2. Connect your Solana wallet

Click Select Wallet button. Connect your Solana Wallet such as Phantom or Solflare:

If it's your first time connecting the wallet on OptiFi, you'll be asked to approve the connection:

However, if you don't see this, please check your wallet network setting is in the Mainnet Beta.

When you've connected your wallet successfully, you should be able to see the message below. Please click "I Understand" and move to the next step.

3. Create Account

You will need to have Solana ($SOL) as the gas fee to do any actions on OptiFi, including create account. It will require around 0.06577SOL as the rental fee to create account.

It may take a while if the Solana network is experiencing degraded performance.

4. Deposit USDC

To start trading, you need to deposit USDC to your account by clicking the Deposit button.

Enter the deposit amount or drive the progress bar to deposit. After confirming the amount, click "Deposit" and approve the transaction on your wallet.

5. Start Trading

5.1 Select an underlying asset you'd like to trade, such as BTC, and pick an instrument (a call option or put option) on the options market.

5.2 Enter the order size and price. You can pick order type by opening the Time in Force dropdown menu. There're 3 order types:

  • Limit Order

  • Post-Only Order

  • IOC (Immediate or Canceled) Order

5.3 Confirm to place the trade in the pop-up window, and then approve the transaction in your wallet. Please note that you need to approve two transactions if it’s your first time to trade on the selected market. It'll cost around 0.03SOL to proceed. Please wait for a minute to proceed with initializing the data.

5.4 If the order is filled instantly, you should be able to see your position updated under the Positions tab. If you want to close the position, click "Close Position" here.

5.5 You should be able to see the order under the Open Orders tab if it has not been fully filled, and you can cancel an order by clicking the Cancel button.

5.6 And you can retrieve your USDC and instrument tokens back once your order is filled by clicking the Settle button under the Unsettled Funds tab. Or you can choose to do nothing and passively wait for settlement to be done by our OptiFi crankers. This is an example for a Long BTC Call with Unsettled Size, and a Short ETH Put with Unsettled USDC:

5.7 You can see all your transactions in the Order History at the bottom of page.

5.8 When you have long/short positions for an option, you can just wait for the expiry to come, and the OptiFi crankers will execute the fund settlement automatically for all users.

Save to Earn on OMM

Users can also deposit USDC to OMM vaults to earn profits:

1. Enter the OMM page

2. Choose OMM Pool

At the left hand side, you can choose either the OMM which trades BTC options or the one trading ETH options.

3. Confirm Deposit

Enter the deposit amount or drive the progress bar. After confirming the amount, click "Deposit" and approve the transaction on your wallet.

After deposit successfully, you will receive some LP tokens representing your shares of the OMM pool. And you can check the transition record in the Transaction History table.

The OMM will use the fund in its liquidity pool to trade options on markets, and make profits from it. When you want to withdraw your liquidity from the OMM pool, you can go to the Withdraw section and enter the amount to withdraw. It will burn your LP tokens and send USDC tokens back to your wallet according to the amount of burned LP token.

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